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meet johnny

a creative entrepreneur who loves to tell stories through imagery

Photos and videos are more than just capturing a moment to me, I am able to truly grasp the essence of a relationship and a couple and display it for the world to see.

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what i am all about

Those moments of your dad crying before you walk down the aisle, your sister running away with a wedgie, or your brother surprising you from the military, those messy in between moments are the moments I want to capture for you. The moments of your bride or groom seeing you for the first time, the moments of your mom giving you her earrings from her wedding day, or both of you ending your vows the exact same way, those are the moments I want to be able to repeat for you.

hi! I'm Johnny

I live in Charleston SC, I currently am in school for digital media and design at South Eastern University at a extension site at Seacoast. I am absolutely in love with creating content whether it is for a brand or a person. I like to fly fish on my time off as well as serve on a lighting team for a local church. That is where my passion for photo and video started. I started to film testimonies for people and realized that I love how powerful a story can be. Recently I just got home from traveling the country with a non profit ministry doing production stuff. I traveled to 37 states! I love to be outside and I consider myself a crafty man. At home projects are so fun for me. I do love to watch a good documentary too. I also am a 1 on the enneagram so yes I am a perfectionist. I also am basically a elf when it comes to Christmas. Something about Christmas season makes me become whole inside and I love to spend time around a good camp fire and roast s’mores. I think some of my most fondest memories were spent sitting around a fire talking about my biggest desires in life. But I think it also comes with my value in people. I crave to get to know peoples personalities and what makes them happy! And if creating content makes you happy then thats a win win in my book.

I'm here for real moments, not the trendy and posed stuff.

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